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I’m a web/graphic designer, but it all started from the classic types of art. Drawing, painting, ceramics, it’s all here.

Mountain Dew Blurs Lines Between Print, TV, and Interactive Advertising

Mountain Dew Advertising Campaign: Paul Rodriguez

Today came across a great piece that covers Mountain Dew’s new advertising campaign that combines print, TV, and interactive aspects. The name of the campaign is “Living Portraits” and the style of the campaign is exactly that. There’s a video shot in slow-mo that gets more complex as it zooms out. There’s no text flying […]

Street Art by Cheko

Street Art by Checko

Here’s a gallery of some new street art by Cheko, a Houston-based artist. I’m a huge fan of his style and his use of a 2 dimensional medium and tools to create 3D looking images. He uses heavy use of shadows a pretty cool approach to gradients to help give his pieces more depth. Different […]