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There’s nothing quite like seeing a quote and “getting it” right away. Here is a collection of quotes that I love.

Design Inspiration: Adobe Myths Series

Design Inspiration: Can't Trust Marketers Details

Today’s first design inspiration is a series of typographic illustrations and corresponding ampersands for a campaign promoting Adobe’s social, marketing, and analytics software. The project is titled Adobe Myths. The basic concept is the artist took a myth that can directly be related to one of Adobe’s products/services and create a design to represent them. I […]

Design Inspiration: Kinds of Ideas

Design Inspiration: Two Kinds of Ideas

Today’s second design inspiration is a really well executed and fairly minimalistic poster. The entire composition is based off of the quote that stretches across the design within a banner. The quote reads “There are only two kinds of ideas”  and thanks to the graphical elements, there’s no denying what 2 categories the artist is […]

Design Inspiration: Worst Client Feedback Illustrated

Design Inspiration: Client Feedback - Jazz it Up

For today’s second design inspiration, I’m sticking with the humorous side of client communication. If you do any type of freelance or have direct communication with clients at work, you’ll be sure to appreciate these illustrations. We’ve all heard the dreaded “Make it pop” and other greats like “Jazz it up a little” “The copy […]