New Year, New Look

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Today I’m announcing the complete redesign of both my website and my design blog. I’ve restructured both to highlight the most important content that you want to find. So for my portfolio site, I stuck with the one page design while incorporating new web design standards such as the parallax effect, CSS animations and a more “flat” design aesthetic. I also ditched the sidebar fixed navigation for a more streamlined navigation fixed to the top. This provided the functionality of being able to go directly to each section with a simple click and it also gave me more room to showcase the content, the important part of the site. I also put more of my personality into this site such as highlighting my social media sites for you to contact me and get a better understanding of who I am. I’ve added more color to liven the site up a little bit and these new colors can be seen throughout all of my social media graphics and have been carried over to my blog. I’ve also introduced some new typography to compliment the previous typography used. I’ve updated my portfolio to reflect new pieces and have added some of the clients that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I feel like this overall design truly represents me and my style.

When it comes to my blog, I’ve slowly been rolling out new features which make it super easy to find what you’re looking for. My favorite feature is the homepage feature that has two tabs to toggle. There’s the standard articles tab which is just a blogroll and then there’s the categories tab which shows you all of the categories I talk about and how many articles feature that given subject. Another favorite feature of mine is the article navigation. There’s now arrows that expand when you hover over them, giving you the name of the previous and next article. Everything is just so much easier to find and you should be able to navigate both my portfolio and blog without much thought, it should just feel natural. I really hope you like the updates I’ve made, I’ve been working toward this for a while. I may have been quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t hard at work.

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