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New Year, New Look

Jordan Semar's Blog

Today I’m announcing the complete redesign of both my website and my design blog. I’ve restructured both to highlight the most important content that you want to find. So for my portfolio site, I stuck with the one page design while incorporating new web design standards such as the parallax effect, CSS animations and a […]

Street Art by Cheko

Street Art by Checko

Here’s a gallery of some new street art by Cheko, a Houston-based artist. I’m a huge fan of his style and his use of a 2 dimensional medium and tools to create 3D looking images. He uses heavy use of shadows a pretty cool approach to gradients to help give his pieces more depth. Different […]

Painted Book Sculpture Designs

Painted Book Sculpture

I’ve never seen or heard of anything quite like these painted book sculpture designs, but they really caught my attention. The artist, Mike Stilkey creates these interesting 3D pieces of art using closed books as his medium. Here’s an excerpt from the original post: LA-based artist Mike Stilkey creates whimsical painted sculptures out of stacked […]