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New Year, New Look

Jordan Semar's Blog

Today I’m announcing the complete redesign of both my website and my design blog. I’ve restructured both to highlight the most important content that you want to find. So for my portfolio site, I stuck with the one page design while incorporating new web design standards such as the parallax effect, CSS animations and a […]

Unique Barcode Designs That are out of the Box, Literally

Unique Barcode Designs

As a designer, I love when designers are able to incorporate out-of-the-box ideas into their designs for elements that may not usually have much design influence. Take barcodes for example. Barcodes are almost always simple, vertical lines with varying widths and accompanied by numbers on the bottom. That’s not the case with this set of […]

One More Reason to Celebrate

Finally a Reason to Celebrate

One more reason to celebrate, it’s been quite the week for upgrades to my blog. This week, as I explained on Monday, I made some changes to the visual aspects of my blog. I made changes to help my readers find the content that they were looking for in the easiest way possible. That got […]

Design Inspiration: Skate Guitars

Design Inspiration: Skateboard Guitars

Today’s first design inspiration is a really cool hybrid product made from recycled materials. Skate Guitars as they’re called, are created from the hundreds of skateboards that are broken each day. I’ve seen recycled skateboards being made into phone covers and other cool ideas, but this has to be the most advanced creation I’ve seen come […]