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Street Art by Cheko

Street Art by Checko

Here’s a gallery of some new street art by Cheko, a Houston-based artist. I’m a huge fan of his style and his use of a 2 dimensional medium and tools to create 3D looking images. He uses heavy use of shadows a pretty cool approach to gradients to help give his pieces more depth. Different […]

Design Inspiration: Welcome to the Jungle

Design Inspiration: Welcome to the Jungle

Today’s first design inspiration comes from Tyrsa,  a portfolio of Alexis Taieb. For this piece, Alexis teamed up with french illustrator Franck Pellegrino last summer. With a combination of Alexis’s typography and Franck’s patterns, this piece came together flawlessly. With what starts as white lettering with minimal serifs gets transformed into 3 dimensional text with […]