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Design Inspiration: Adobe Myths Series

Design Inspiration: Can't Trust Marketers Details

Today’s first design inspiration is a¬†series of typographic illustrations and corresponding ampersands for a campaign promoting Adobe’s social, marketing, and analytics software. The project is titled Adobe Myths. The basic concept is the artist took a myth that can directly be related to one of Adobe’s products/services and create a design to represent them. I […]

Design Inspiration: Smashing Abstract Illustrations

Design Inspiration: Smashing Abstract Illustrations

Today’s second design inspiration is a set of illustrations that were created specifically for Smashing Magazine’s new Mobile Book. Smashing Magazine is actually giving away 20 exclusive 11.6×16.5 in poster sets that were created by Mike Kus. The designs are named ‘Mobile Landscape’, ‘Responsive Design’, ‘UX Design’ and ‘The Mobile Book Addendum’ respectively, to go […]