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Mountain Dew Blurs Lines Between Print, TV, and Interactive Advertising

Mountain Dew Advertising Campaign: Paul Rodriguez

Today came across a great piece that covers Mountain Dew’s new advertising campaign that combines print, TV, and interactive aspects. The name of the campaign is “Living Portraits” and the style of the campaign is exactly that. There’s a video shot in slow-mo that gets more complex as it zooms out. There’s no text flying […]

Design Inspiration: Pssst..Check This Out

Design Inspiration: Pssst

Today’s design inspiration is exceptionally cool. The Museum für Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art) in Frankfurt hired 16 illustrators and artists to create an exhibition aimed at children, named Pssst. The theme of the exhibition was secrets. What I really liked was how a lot of the artists used interaction with their pieces. The pieces above also […]