D&AD And Alphabetical’s Words of Wisdom for Design Students

Words of Wisdom for Design StudentsIt’s been almost a month since being able to post due to moving and being incredibly busy with freelance projects, however it’s finally time for me to start sharing my findings with you again. Today I found D&AD and Alphabetical’s words of wisdom for design students. The book is a free book filled with advice for creative students around the world. The book is going to be given to students at colleges in D&AD’s creative network. What I really like about this book is that it’s been designed to look like a book that has been found and passed from person to person, creating a more personal feeling to the book. Inside the book, you’ll find tips and ideas which are accompanied by hand-drawn, felt-tip illustrations. Here’s a note from the creative director:

“The illustrations were all done in-house and were sketched directly into a notebook the same size as the finished product,” says Alphabetical creative director Bob Young. “We wanted to include a range of different styles, so it would look like each contributor had put time and love and care into illustrating their ideas,” he adds.

You can view more pictures and details of the book on Alphabetical’s website.

(via SwissMiss)


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