Design Inspiration: Life is a Journey

Design Inspiration: Life is a Journey

Today’s design inspiration is “Life is a Journey”, a graphic design composition that features a creative use of typography and heavy use of symbolism. Not only does the typography stand out as being super interesting and intricate but also the subtle details that are included in each letter add complexity to the design. These additional quotes and elements are all relevant to and help portray the overall message which is “Life is a Journey”. These elements are interesting as they represent the everyday challenges we have going though life. As you go through the design, you’ll see that it shows the obstacles that you encounter throughout life, from beginning to end. You have your uphill battles that you must face,  you have the ‘ups and downs’ and times where you hit what seems to be a dead end with no where to go but up. At the end of the day, light needs to be shed on the fact that you need to forgive and forget to keep your journey going.

Besides all of the symbolism here, I really like the wooden look that this piece has. The fact that it is all one piece is really interesting and adds yet another level of detail to the overall design. I think this definitely helps add to the point of life being a journey and everything being interrelated. What do you think of this design? Do you see anything that I missed?

(via Serial Thriller)

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