Design Inspiration: The Internet in 2012 Illustration

Design Inspiration: The Internet 2012 Illustration

Today’s first design inspiration is an illustration by Sebastien Feraut. As he describes it, it’s “one illustration, one year, and 20 things: Can you spot them all?” I really like the style of his illustration. It reminds me of a very detailed and more smooth 8-bit design. He uses hard edges rather than smooth, curvy edges on almost all of the elements. I think the colors all seem to work together nicely and no one element is over-shadowing another. I wasn’t able to spot all 20 things, but I was able to find a few. You can head to his page here and see if you can find all 20 that happened on the internet last year, simply switch the answers to on. If you want to check out some more detailed and enlarged images like the ones below, check out the page on Looks Like Good Design.

Design Inspiration: 2012 Internet Illustration Close up

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