Invisible: Minimalist Urban Photography

Invisible: Minimalist Urban Photography

Today I’m sharing the photo series “Invisible: Minimalist Urban Photography” which is a cool set of minimalistic urban photographs. I’ve had been slacking in being able to post as of recently because of design work and vacation so I figured what better of a way than to write about what I’ve been doing. Lately I’ve been getting into photography (or more like iphoneography I guess) and I’ve been really enjoying the urban photography art form.¬† What I do is spend my lunch breaks walking around taking pictures for my Instagram page (shameless plug) and using a few apps to add filters, and effects. What I try to do is find interesting looking objects or subjects that you wouldn’t consider photo-worthy and turn them into neat looking pictures.

Enough about me though, I want to take a look at the photo series at hand, Invisible.¬† The series is done by graphic designer/photographer¬†Vittorio Ciccarelli. Vittorio took these photos and removed elements to make them more minimalistic for his urban photography series. I’m a huge fan of this series and really appreciate the work that he’s done. This is a true example of where less is more. the slight gradients in the sky, the bold solid colors that he finds to photograph, they all work well together. I understand that he edits the photos, however the composition and subject selection needs to be solid, even with edits being made. If you like this style, be sure to check out the rest of the images on Vittorio’s Behance Page.

(via Design You Trust)


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