Unique Barcode Designs That are out of the Box, Literally

Unique Barcode Designs

As a designer, I love when designers are able to incorporate out-of-the-box ideas into their designs for elements that may not usually have much design influence. Take barcodes for example. Barcodes are almost always simple, vertical lines with varying widths and accompanied by numbers on the bottom. That’s not the case with this set of unique barcode designs that I just came across. In the example above you can see how the barcode was designed to fit in with the rest of the package design. It makes the design more cohesive and all elements work together, rather than having your typical barcode on the back that would stand out like a sore thumb. There’s a bunch of examples such as a drum, a dragon, sushi mat/chopsticks, an aligator, and so many more. You can view both the black and white barcodes and their implementation on the products over on Design Bolts.

(via Design You Trust)

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