Wonderland: Working in the Creative Industry [Video]

Wonderland: Working in the Creative IndustryI just watched this short film that was pretty inspirational and really spoke to me about a multitude of aspects regarding the creative industry. The video is titled Wonderland and it talks about what it’s like when working in the creative industry. Anyone who is in the creative industry or even mildly interested in the creative industry can get something from this video. The topics range from separating yourself from client work rather than viewing it as your art to client size vs. creativity vs. budget and the graph of where projects fall. The video also touches on selling your ideas to clients and proving to them that you know what you’re doing and they need to trust you. This video really had an impact on my vision of the industry and reminded me why I got into design in the first place. I wanted to be working in the creative industry because it’s what I loved doing. I think my favorite 2 lines came from the same designer at 2 different parts of the video that were clearly discussed at the same time but were separated when edited:

I think the drive and the intention that will sustain a creative individual for a really long time is because they love it. […] Your career will come about and it will happen naturally, and it will sustain you if it’s really in a place of love.


Let me know what you think after you watch the video below:


(via SwissMiss)


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